Council & Staff


Regular Meetings of Council are scheduled for the second Monday of the month beginning at 9:00 am. Should you wish to speak to council at a meeting, please contact the office to be added to the agenda.

Municipal elections are held every four years on the fourth Wednesday of October beginning with even numbered divisions (2, 4, & 6) in 2022, and Reeve and odd numbered divisions (1,3 & 5) in 2024. Call for Nominations and Notice of Vote are advertised in local papers and posted in the community at least ten days prior to nomination day. Nomination day is the fifth Wednesday before Election Day.

The division for which you vote is indicated on your tax notice. If you have any questions in regard to elections or voting, please contact the office.


Office located in Midale, SK

RM of Cymri No. 36

Box 238
Midale, SK
S0C 1S0
Phone: 306-458-2244
Fax: 306-458-2699

Office Hours:




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